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Grow Your Yoga

It’s that time again! Our annual Grow Your Yoga campaign is a time when we encourage our community to come together to affect real change in the world. We think yoga is pretty great and all, but we know it’s not just about doing a series of postures in a hot room a few times… More details

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What’s all this #MokshaLove about?…

What’s all this #MokshaLove about?… Oh February! The chocolates, the candies, the heart-shaped take-over… How can one little day create so much struggle in so many of our hearts? Maybe you’re not in a relationship, and the day serves to rub salt in the wound. Maybe the pressure is too much; to satisfy your partner… More details

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Peace, Power & Play

Blue Spirit Resort is a little piece of paradise that Dina & Sara share with the yoga community, every November and March! These kinds of getaways are more of a “getinside”. The crisp ocean air, the warmth of a small town nestled in one of the world’s blue zones (where the happiest people live) and… More details