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Peace, Power & Play

Blue Spirit Resort is a little piece of paradise that Dina & Sara share with the yoga community, every November and March!

These kinds of getaways are more of a “getinside”. The crisp ocean air, the warmth of a small town nestled in one of the world’s blue zones (where the happiest people live) and the gentle, yet powerful teaching of these two lovely ladies will help you to dive deep inside and get in touch with your inner-most self. While also diving deep into the blue ocean waters, playing in the sand & sun and even surfing the waves if you choose. The sunsets… You wouldn’t believe those kinds of colours existed in nature!

Speaking from the viewpoint of a yogi that been there… 4 times! Every time was different and every group was unique. I have been very blessed to be a part of this beauty more than once. I recommend it to everyone that is searching for a little space and time to build a strong practice, to tune into nature (yours included) and to build lasting bonds with a group of exceptional people from your own city, and around the world.

Oh, and the food, it’s to die for. And the coffee!!

They’re leaving in 9 days and they’ve got room for a few more lucky souls! Contact today!



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