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May 2018
Mindful May Meditation MAY 2018 insta EN

Mindful May Meditation

Mindfulness (Insight) meditation is a particular form of meditation that aims to cultivate wisdom and compassion, so that we can live our lives with less stress and more happiness, ease, and freedom. This type of meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition, though it’s not necessary to be Buddhist to benefit from the practice. The basic forms of insight meditation are very compatible with Western psychology, so these days, variations of mindfulness practices are taught in many different settings, including schools, hospitals, prisons, businesses and government departments.

In this 4 session course, we will practice the 4 arenas of mindfulness of the body, emotions, attitudes and levels of concentration. Allison Ulan will guide us through the stages with the support of traditional techniques and the latest findings from neurology. This course is open to all practitioners from the novice to the experienced meditator.

Register for the series or drop-in for individual classes.

$20 per session or $60 for 4 sessions


Sunday, May 06 to Sunday, June 03
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Moksha Yoga NDG,
4260 Girouard
montreal, Quebec H4A3C9 Canada
Organizer: Allison Ulan
Full Moon MAY 2018 insta

Full Moon Magic

During the time of the full moon celestial energies culminate to raise our inner awareness and understanding. It is a powerful time to invoke the transformative magic of ritual through a meditative yogic practice for the soul. In this special ceremony of crystals, chanting, music, and movement we will initiate the body and mind to transcend self-imposed limitations and embrace the fullness of who we are. All are welcome, accessible to all levels. Regular membership fees apply.


Monday, May 28 to Monday, May 28
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Venue: Moksha Yoga NDG,
4260 Girouard
montreal, Quebec H4A3C9 Canada
Organizer: Kimiko Fujimoto