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Goal $1,000

We also love giving back through charitable work

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11/01/2016 — 12/31/2016

We believe in breathing clean air.
We believe in the interconnection of life.
We believe in the power of yoga.

Our annual 30-Day Challenge is about to begin! This is a time of true transformation – in our bodies, minds and hearts, as well as in larger communities and the planet as we strive together to raise funds for Junglekeepers.

In our last challenge, we were able to support Junglekeepers in purchasing 2,130 acres of beautiful rainforest along Peru’s Las Piedras river, which is under severe threat of being logged and mined. This new effort will work to protect 4,135 acres of pristine land further upriver, close to uncontacted tribes -an area with incredible biodiversity.

As a community we will be trying to raise $100,000. It will only take 300 individuals to raise $10 a day for us to get there!

$10 = 1 acre x 30 days = 30 acres that you will help protect!

In support of: Junglekeepers